Renee Paquette: Women’s Tag Titles Were Important For About 30 Seconds

Renee Young is not a fan of the WWE Tag titles booking.

Of course, the WWE tag titles are in the spotlight now more than ever after Naomi and Sasha Banks’ walkout while being the defending champions. The pair were stripped of the titles, with a tournament to happen at a later date.

While speaking on Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha, Renee Paquette talked about the state of the Women’s Tag Team Championships. She said that nobody cares about them at all.

“The women’s tag titles have only existed in WWE for a couple of years and as soon as they were brought into the fold, they were important for about 30 seconds, and then nobody cared. There was no true women’s tag teams and they just they lost their luster really quickly. The best case is that they finally let these women do what they want to do and start really working on the tag division.” 

Renee Paquette on Throwing Down With Renee And Miesha

Time will tell if the championships will be treated better following the tournament, whenever that may be.

H/T to RingsideNews for transcription

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