Mick Foley Is Set To Launch A Podcast Detailing His Legendary Career

Mick Foley is one of the most universally loved WWE superstars of all time.

Mrs’ Foley’s baby boy has been involved in some legendary moments as a WWE superstar. From his Hell In A Cell match with the Undertaker to his WWE title win, he had a a legendary run during the late 90s and is a WWE Hall Of Famer.

Foley now appears to be beginning a podcast detailing his storied career. Foley is joining the Podcast Heat network with his new show—Foley is Pod—debuting June 3. Foley spoke to Sports Illustrated regarding the launch of the podcast:

“I know the way I feel when I hear a good podcast, how it can turn a whole day around and put a smile on my face,”  Foley says. “I’m looking forward to telling stories and reminding people of a time they really enjoyed when they were big wrestling fans.”

Mick Foley to SI

As mentioned previously, the podcast is set to launch on June 3rd. Are you excited for the launch of Mick’s podcast? What stories do you want to hear from Mick Foley’s crazy career? Let us know in the comments section and on our social media page.

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