Jake Roberts Thinks CM Punk Is Better Now Than He Ever Was In The WWE

Jake Roberts may be signed to AEW, but his opinions in the sport remain valid.

Jake Roberts has been working with AEW for quite a while now, mainly managing Lance Archer and being as dastardly as ever. He is also a former WWE superstar and the originator of the DDT. While Roberts has had his share of issues with substances, he has spoke of the Straight Edge Saviour fondly.

While speaking on the DDP Snake Pit, DDP and Jake Roberts talked about CM Punk’s run in AEW so far. Roberts stated that he believes CM Punk feels safer in AEW than in WWE.

My promos … I wanted a little bit of everybody,” Page said, recalling his own career. “From Jake to Dusty to Savage, everybody, a little piece sprinkled in so that you don’t really notice it … I look at MJF, he came in like this and he was just going to stay committed the whole way through. And the stuff he did with Punk — and I think Punk is better today than when he was the man up in [WWE].”

“I think he also might feel safety,” Roberts added. “In that other company, you’ve got to be guns out and watching every which way to save your ass. Now he’s in a place that he feels pretty comfortable.”

Jake Roberts on DDP’s Snake Pit

What do you make of Jake Roberts’ comments? Is CM Punk better now than he ever was in the WWE? Let us know in the comment section and on our social media pages!

h/t Wrestling Inc for transcription

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