Tony Khan Talks About Having A Positive Workplace Environment In AEW

Tony Khan does not want a negative backstage environment for AEW.

Tony Khan is a unique owner of a wrestling company. He is an old school promoter but also has good relationships with talent that we have seen since AEW began in 2019. Many stars have come out and been positive regarding how Tony is as a owner as well as how positive backstage is in the company.

Khan talked with ABC News and discussed the positive environment AEW is attempting to foster.

“I think having a fun place to work where, you know, we create, like an environment where we really do care about the people here. We try to show it and make the locker rooms here places where people aren’t going to dread coming in, and quite the opposite, where hopefully they look forward to seeing the other people that, you know, you get in the ring and fight.”

Tony Khan to ABC News

It is good to see Tony Khan wants a healthy workplace for the competitors he has signed to the AEW roster. Hopefully this leads to more talent being open about their mental health struggles and getting the support they need.

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