Sasha Banks’ Contract Is Up In The Coming Months

It looks like we may see both Naomi and Sasha Banks leave the WWE.

The walkout of Sasha Banks and Naomi has been the talk of the wrestling world since it occurred on Monday evening. The show was thrown into disarray when Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out mid taping, citing creative issues.

Kazeem Famuyide spoke about the situation with Sasha and Naomi on the latest episode of “The Masked Man Show With Kaz.” There have already been some reports that Naomi’s WWE contract is coming up soon. Kaz noted that as far as he knows, Sasha Banks is also in the same position.

“I did hear that, you know, their contracts were in negotiations for renewals. I don’t know how soon it is, but I think Sasha and Naomi’s contracts were set to expire within the next two months already, so that’s another caveat there where it’s like, ‘OK, what happens if their contracts just run out while they’re doing this?’

I don’t know, there’s so much unspoken, there’s so much unknown with this situation that I don’t want to be that person who’s just irresponsible just spewing things recklessly like people tend to do in the [wrestling] podcasts. I’m just saying what I know and, you know, you do with that information what you will.”

Kazeem Famuyide on The Masked Man Show

If Sasha and Naomi’s contract expire, they will not have a no-compete clause. So if this situation lasts a few months, we may see both women leave the company when their contracts expire.

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