Paul Heyman Thinks Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes Is Inevitable

It seems Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes are on an inevitable collision course.

Paul Heyman is not afraid to give wrestlers their due when they have talent. We have heard him speak about a lot of wrestlers he has worked with over the years and he sings the praises of many stars. He has also proven in the past he is not afraid to talk about the competition, putting over several AEW stars over the years as well. However, its when he gets the chance to talk about WWE stars that Heyman really starts selling how good they are.

While speaking on Wrestling Inside The Ropes, Paul Heyman talked about the possibility of Rhodes duking it out with Reigns. Heyman stated that it is a story that writes itself.

“Absolutely. Cody Rhodes is not only someone with an extensive legacy, my God, he’s son of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, but he has carved out his own niche. He’s achieved his own accomplishments…he went out on his own. He ‘blazed his own trail.’ He helped create something that completely changed the complexion of the industry. And now he comes back to claim what he feels is his moment and the only way he’s gonna be able to live that moment is to step into the ring with ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns. It’s a story that writes itself and Cody Rhodes is a magnificent talent who whether he is or isn’t the son of Dusty Rhodes…He’s that talented.”

Paul Heyman on Wrestling Inside The Ropes

Do you agree with Heyman? Is this match-up inevitable? Let us know in the comments section and on our social media pages!

H/T Ringside News for transcription

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