Cody Rhodes Does Not Want Starting AEW To Define His Legacy

Cody Rhodes has an undoubtable legacy in pro wrestling.

Cody Rhodes has a litany of accomplishments in and out of the ring in two major organizations. Beginning his career in WWE, he would be released from the company and found his way to AEW, beginning the company with the rest of The Elite. However, after booking himself into a corner regarding the AEW world title, Cody decided to make a change and returned to WWE earlier this year at WrestleMania 38.

While speaking to Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes talked about his legacy in pro wrestling. Rhodes stated that he does not want his legacy to sole to be that he started AEW.

“I don’t want my wrestling legacy solely to be that I helped start an alternative wrestling company. I’m really proud of that and I want it to be part of my legacy, but what I’ve always wanted is what I’m after right now. I’m getting a second chance at that, and that is my entire focus. I want to do this for my whole family. My wife, my daughter, my sister Teil, my mom. If I can’t hand this title to my dad, it would be wonderful to hand it to my mom.”

Cody Rhodes to Sports Illustrated

Rhodes clearly wants a legacy more than as a promoter and booker behind the scenes like he was in AEW. He wants championships and a legacy to go with it. What do you make of Cody’s comments? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages!

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