Carmella Claps Back At Fan Calling Out Corey Graves’ RAW Commentary

Carmella is not in the mood for people trashing her new husband.

Last night on WWE Raw we saw a very unique version of the show as backstage was thrown into chaos when Naomi and Sasha Banks walked out of the show mid taping. This put the production in a unique position as they were tasked with informing the fans at home what was happening backstage.

On commentary, Corey Graves said, “Sasha Banks and Naomi summarily and unprofessionally walked out.” When a fan asked Carmella to “get her man” in reference to her husband’s commentary, Carmella responded by saying that Graves was just doing his job.

Imagine still living in a world where you think he just says whatever he wants. He does his job. Period.

Carmella On Twitter

What do you make of Graves’ comments on RAW? It has been confirmed that Vince McMahon was feeding the commentary team lines throughout the show.

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