Who Should Win BOSJ

The BOSJ has begun and there’s a lot of great energy in NJPW again for multiple reasons. BOSJ is always fun to speculate and what direction will NJPW go after this.

This year’s BOSJ saw the return of international talent to a NJPW tournament and people are excited all about it. This year’s there’s a lot of interesting talent that could easily win BOSJ and make for some interesting stuff for down the line.

One of the big favorites to win BOSJ is the Jrs ace of NJPW Hiromu Takahashi. Hiromu is always a favorite on this type of tournaments and he always is a highlight. Hiromu winning would be the save choice and makes sense.

The IWGP Jr HW champion always is a favorite, and this year is no exception. Taiji Ishimori always delivers big time on the BOSJ and this year will not be the exception.

Ace Austin after the BOSJ press conference and his first showing, he has strong chances to win it all. The only thing against him is the fact he is not signed to NJPW and most likely won’t stay for longer periods of time in Japan.

Francesco Akira is another name with high chances to taking BOSJ home. Akira is the type of new blood the Jrs in NJPW need and spice things up.

Other names like Lindaman, Yuta and Titan should not be understimated and also have a good chance of being the next winner of one of the most prestigious tournament in wrestling.