Vince McMahon Stopped Paul London From Using The Shooting Star Press

Vince McMahon stopped a prominent high flier from doing the shooting star press.

When Paul London wrestled for WWE, his talent was clear from the get go. London was skilled in the ring not only from a technical performer point of view but also as an athletic high flier.

While speaking on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene Podcast, London spoke about hitting the Shooting Star Press during a match against Nunzio on Velocity. While many in the locker room praised London for pulling off such an incredible manoeuvre, Vince McMahon wasn’t too please with it.

“Vince was like, ‘If you start doing that move, other guys are gonna wanna start doing it, and Rey [Mysterio] is gonna start doing it.’ I was like, ‘Rey’s not gonna do that! Nobody’s gonna do that move. It’s my finisher.’ ‘Oh, so you want us to make an exception for you?’ Jesus Christ, it’s like I’m talking to a goddam mannequin.”

“We walk in and, I kid you not, in under a minute, we go in, he looks at Vince, he’s like, ‘Excuse me, sir, what is this you don’t want him [doing]? No more top-rope moves?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, no more off the top,’ and Dean just goes, ‘Okay,’ and just walks out. The tail was not only between his legs, it was up his ass.”

Paul London on Cafe de Rene Podcast

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H/T to Ringside News For Transcription

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