Tony Schiavone Wasn’t A Fan Of The Young Bucks At First

The Young Bucks may be the most polarizing team of their generation.

The Young Bucks as a tag team have been successful throughout their run as a team. Despite never appearing in WWE, The Young Bucks hold a claim to being one of the greatest teams in history. They have also been pivotal in the growth of AEW as a company and as a brand. However, they do have their haters in the wrestling community.

Even Tony Schiavone was taken aback when he first heard learned about The Bucks, as he discussed on the latest “What Happened When…

“I can’t emphasize enough how much I love Matt and Nick Jackson. I first heard about them here (on the podcast) when you (Conrad Thompson) were talking about them. You said they have an incredible merchandise line that they sell and they have a finishing move called The Meltzer Driver. I remember hearing Meltzer Driver and I’m thinking ‘WTF?’”

“Then I meet them and I deal with them, and I absolutely love them. They are two of the greatest guys. They are sincere family men. I have a lot of fun with them.”

Tony Schiavone on What Happened When

Of course, as Tony says, he now loves The Bucks and considers both of them friends. What do you make of Tony’s comments on The Young Bucks? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages.

H/T to Ringside News for transcription

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