Powerhouse Hobbs Wants To Be The First African American AEW World Champion

Powerhouse Hobbs may be in line for a Wardlow-esque push soon.

AEW clearly see a lot of potential in Powerhouse Hobbs. He has been involved with Team Taz since shortly after his AEW debut and has benefited massively from the faction. Lately, reports have said Hobbs may be in line for a Tag title match along with Ricky Starks. However that isn’t the only championship Hobbs has his eye on.

In a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Hobbs acknowledged that one day it’ll be time for him to break out as a singles competitor without Team Taz:

“There’s gonna be a point where I’m gonna have to step away on my own, I just think that next step for me is, I think what’s gonna come up for me is I’m just gonna have to show a whole new, kick-ass, different style. You can tell I’m having fun in the ring and when I got someone in a hold and I’m kicking the shit out of them, so I’m having fun. I don’t know what that next step is gonna be. It’s just gonna happen.”

PowerHouse Hobbs on Wrestling Perspective Podcast

While he continued to state the importance of his tag title aspirations, Hobbs also stated he wants to be AEW’s first African American World Champion:

“The task right now is for Ricky Starks and I to beat the living hell out of Jurassic Express and take those tag titles. That’s the goal right now. But eventually, I will be TNT Champion. A personal goal of mine is to be the first African American AEW World Champion. Any title I get, I’m gonna — I know how to fight and I know what it’s like to starve and struggle. Any title I get, it’s gonna be hell for anybody to take that away from me. But I plan on being a big name and being around for a long time. That’s always been my goal, ever since I became a professional wrestler. I want people to remember me.”

PowerHouse Hobbs on Wrestling Perspective Podcast

Team Taz are expected to challenge Jurassic Express at Double Or Nothing for the AEW Tag Team Championships. Should Hobbs be the first African American AEW World Champion? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages!

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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