Harland Was Scheduled To Join Judgement Day Prior To Release

Apparently creative has little to no insight into releases.

Last month WWE released ten NXT talents and one of them was Harland. Harland was working with Joe Gacy in NXT 2.0 prior to his release, with no real signs that he was over enough backstage to warrant a main roster call-up.

However, Ringside News was told by a “tenured member of the creative team that there was a fourth member planned for The Judgement Day, but that person was fired before they could get their main roster call-up. A stable like The Judgement Day could sure use a big man enforcer and Harland was earmarked for that very role.”

A tenured member of the creative team told us that “Edge had pitched Harland as the fourth member, and it was being pushed through until Harland was released.” It is still a “big mystery to everyone in WWE” why Harland was let go.

Ringside News

Time will tell if we will find out why, and in what capacity, Harland was going to join Edge’s stable. Maybe one day we hear the story from the man himself now he has been released from the company. What do you make of the idea of Harland being the fourth member of The Judgement Day faction? Let us know in the comments or on our social media pages!

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