Cody Rhodes Discusses WWE Reactions To His Neck Tattoo

It really does look like it gets bigger every time we see it.

Cody Rhodes has some interesting tattoos. Of course he has “The Dream” tattooed on his chest in honour of his late father but he also has a tattoo of his ‘American Nightmare’ logo tattooed on his neck. This one in particular has drawn the ire of wrestling fans.

Rhodes addressed whether there has been any negative criticism in WWE over his neck tattoo during an interview with

Vince [McMahon] hasn’t said anything [negative] about the tattoo. I’ve been waiting for some of these guys who knew me back in the day to say something, specifically Bruce [Prichard] and Michael Hayes. Even Randy [Orton] hasn’t said anything, and that was a shock to me because I wasn’t a tattoo guy and he was covered. But it’s a good thing to have.”

“Temporary tattoos are going to be released by WWE Shop, and people now see it as an extension of me. That’s what it is. When I was here before, everyone tried to tell me who I was. That wasn’t a bad thing—I was searching, too. Now I’m reaching my final form. That’s why I am sticking to my guns about my character, keeping it as close as possible to who I am. But I’ll promise you this—I’m not getting another one.”

Cody Rhodes to

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