Joe Black Involved in Fan Altercation at IWE Event

Intense Wrestling Entertainment, an Independent federation based out of Georgia, presented a show in Augusta on May 14th. The show, headlined by a main event championship bout between Anthony Henry and Joe Black, generated some buzz following the main event when a spectator got physical with the champion.

I was in attendance for the event and witnessed the whole ordeal transpire. The fan, who by numerous eye-witness accounts was mouthing off during the entire contest, said something to Joe Black that I was not able to make out or verify yet.

Following the comment, Black slapped the baseball cap off of the fans head. The fan suddenly threw a headbutt as a fight broke out. The locker room cleared and fans were ejected.

This is the second time somebody has gone after Joe Black during an IWE event in the same building. A month or two ago a video went viral showing another fan cross a line during a match.

You can see multiple angles of the incident uploaded to my twitter below.

The close up video was filmed by @CanBeOnly1

IWE Pro has released a statement addressing the incident on their Twitter account.

“An unfortunate event happened at the show tonight which will be addressed by IWE personnel. We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred.”

Bodyslam will continue to monitor the situation.

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