State Attorney Of Florida Issue Statement Regarding Tammy Sytch Bail Revocation

Tammy Sytch will be behind bars for the foreseeable future.

Early on Friday morning, Tammy Sytch, formerly known as Sunny, was present at a bail revocation hearing. The hearing was in regard to a fatal car crash that killed an elderly man, of which Sytch is facing nine charges on. The hearing was called due to the Florida State Attorney filing a motion to revoke Sytch’s bail on the grounds she would be a danger to the public. At the hearing, the judge revoked Sytch’s bail and she was handcuffed and brought into custody to remain behind bars until her trial.

The Office of the State Attorney issued a press release this morning on the matter. RJ Larizza, who is in charge of the case, also made a statement. He said that a deadly and dangerous person has been once again removed from the streets:

“A deadly driver will reside behind bars until her case is resolved. A serious and dangerous threat to the driving public has been removed.”

Office Of The Florida State Attorney

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