Sonya Deville Fired From WWE Official Role On WWE RAW

Sonya Deville has been in a WWE official role following her return to TV after her hiatus brought on during her court case with a violent stalker. She recently returned to the ring also, getting involved on both SmackDown and RAW with Ronda Rousey and Bianca Belair to name a pair. When Deville squared off with the RAW Women’s Champion, she used her powers as an official to change the rules repeatedly. Due to this, an investigation began regarding Deville as a WWE official.

On Monday Night RAW, Deville was informed by Adam Pearce that her investigation had concluded and WWE had decided to relieve her from her duties as an official. Pearce did however remind Deville that she was still an active competitor on the roster and that she would face Alexa Bliss immediately after finding out the news. Bliss would defeat Deville in quick fashion, leaving Deville screaming on the outside about her firing.

Deville will now return to active competition full time following this angle. Time will tell how long Deville will be on a losing streak following the storyline’s conclusion on Monday.

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