Booker T Claims The Problem With Finn Balor Is His Mic Work

Booker T is a prominent name in the wrestling industry and he isn’t shy on explaining his thoughts on problems with both WWE and AEW. However, it is heavily one sided, tending to praise WWE far more than AEW. One thing is certain, when Booker speaks, people pay attention.

During the latest The Hall Of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore podcast, Booker spoke about Finn Bálor and why he thinks Balor is buried in WWE booking:

“Finn Balor is a great worker and can perform at a very high level, but the one thing that business has always, I think, as far as guys getting over is believability. They made the fans feel a certain way, not by what we watched them do in the ring, just by watching them.”

“I’m just using this guy for an example, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the way he talked, the way he walked, the way he made you feel about the guy that perhaps has a regular job at home, you know that drinks a beer on a regular basis. He can relate with so many different people. So many people can say, ‘Man, that’s my guy right there.’”

“Finn Balor goes out there and does some of the most spectacular moves that you’ve ever seen. But when, just say for instance, when he cuts a promo, he may not make you feel like he really wants to go out there and hurt that guy. That’s why guys who cut promos back in the day, you know, say what you will but when those guys would cut a promo on television, and I know the world is different now, but when those guys would cut a promo on television, they were grown as men, and what they were saying that they were going to do, you believed it.”

Booker T on Hall Of Fame Podcast

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