WWE To Run Stadium Shows Opposite Major UFC PPV’s In July

WWE and the UFC are two very different brands. While one is the leader in pro wrestling, the other is the leader in mixed martial arts. Many fans of both sports may not like to hear it but the sports are intertwined in more ways than one. There are many crossover fans and due to this, WWE previously shied away from running shows on the same night as the UFC. It appears however, this may be a thing of the past.

Dave Meltzer spoke about the topic on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, pointing out how big of an impact this would have had previously. For those unaware, Meltzer is also a highly respected MMA journalist, so he knows what he’s talking about in this regard:

“It’s interesting because July 2nd and July 30th there’s going to be a big UFC pay-per-view. The second, especially. It’s a big UFC against a stadium WWE, head-to-head, same city. [On the] 30th, they’re in different cities, but still a head-to-head pay-per-view.”

“It’s not like years ago where this would’ve been death to WWE. The same weekend used to hurt WWE badly, but the same night would’ve, I don’t want to say killed them, but it would’ve taken probably 15-20% off. Maybe more. Now, a WWE pay-per-view is not a money expenditure, so it’s not like you’re going, ‘I’ve already spent $40 on a pay-per-view on a Saturday night, do I do that again on a Sunday?’”

Dave Meltzer on The Wrestling Observer Radio

Time will tell what impact these two juggernauts running shows on the same night, in the same cities will lead to.

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