Chris Jericho Played Pivotal Part In Owen Hart Cup Becoming A Reality

The Owen Hart tournament has seen a series of qualifiers on AEW TV over the last few weeks. The tournament has been well received by many, with fans looking forward to the first round matches in the men and women’s tournaments beginning this week. The tournaments will culminate at AEW Double Or Nothing later this month.

Chris Jericho is no stranger to help contribute to creative ideas in pro wrestling. While speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy stated that Chris Jericho was pivotal in the Owen Hart Tournament becoming a reality:

“I heard about it from Chris Jericho, he was kind of the guy who made this a reality in a lot of ways. He was like the inner connection between Martha, the family, and AEW. I know he talked about things they were wanting to do and it just sounded so cool, and he knew I was one of the guys who worked with Owen and knew him personally, so he was pretty excited to share that. And I thought it was a very cool detail.”

Matt Hardy On The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy

It is nice to know that Jericho has a relationship with Martha Hart and played a major part in making the tournaments a reality.

H/T to Wrestling Inc For Transcription

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