Vince McMahon Once Berated Dana White Via Text Messages

Dana White is probably one of the most famous names in relation to the sport of mixed martial arts. He has been the president of the UFC for two decades and is part of the reason MMA has grown to the heights it has. Him and Vince McMahon have had a respectful relationship in the media as they have worked out deals like Brock Lesnar appearing at UFC 200 in the past.

The UFC President appeared on the Pivot Podcast recently and shared a story about a time he got on Vince’s bad side following a call with then president Donald Trump:

“So we were on the call with the President one time and I remember I was listening to everybody get on there and talk and I was like, these guys are all full of sht. None of these guys are gonna fcking roll or really wanna do what they’re saying they’re gonna do except for one and when we hung up the phone, he fcking texts me…Vince McMahon.”

“Vince McMahon starts texting me and basically berating me after the call like, ‘Why didn’t you talk? Why didn’t you back up what I was saying? ‘Because I think everybody’s full of sht, that’s why, except for you. You’re definitely not full of sht Vince,’ you know? Vince is a fcking killer. Vince was putting on his events down in Florida at the time too.”

Dana White on Pivot Podcast

Dana White definitely has respect for Vince clearly not only as a promoter but as a man as well. Perhaps we may see more deals between the two in the future.

H/T To SESScoops For Transcription

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