INDIE’d: An Independent Podcast About Independent Wrestling – Ep. 1 – April 26 – May 2, 2022 presents our new podcast “INDIE’d” a show complete dedicated to independent wrestling!

This is the debut episode of INDIE’d: An Independent Podcast About Independent Wrestling. Every Tuesday, Mike Hamley will recap a bunch of indie wrestling shows and matches that really blew him away. Each week will have a featured show, in which Mike will go on a deep dive through every match on the card. He will share highlights and let you know more about the incredible wrestlers putting on the matches and the promotion that puts on the card.

This week’s featured show: C*4 Wrestling’s Time and Tide

More shows discussed today:

  • Wrestling Open
  • VxS: Lucid Dreams 2
  • Invictus Pro Wrestling: In Bloom 2
  • GCW: In Too Deep
  • JCW: May Flowers
  • Black Label Pro: Fancy Wrestling
  • WWR+: Hit Em Up Style
  • GCW: Life Goes On
  • Limitless Wrestling: Hard Not To Act Reckless

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