Drew McIntyre Grew Frustrated With WWE Creative In 2021

Drew McIntyre ascended to a throne he seemed to be destined for well over a decade in 2020. He became WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 36 where he defeated Brock Lesnar at the only Wrestlemania to have no fans in attendance. When the fans returned in 2021, McIntyre found himself in a creative rut regarding his role on TV.

Drew spoked with New York Newsday on a number of topics, one of them being his frustrations with the WWE creative team:

“It got to a point where things went off track, in my opinion a little bit, and it was hard to tell, without the live fans there, if it would have been okay. Right about the time where I fought Lashley a couple of times, I was telling these interesting—or, not so interesting—Scottish stories. That period maybe was not one of my favorites. But, hey, send me a challenge and I’m going to try and pull it off.”

“I would not do something that I’m convinced is not going to work, unless I’m told by the man himself, ‘You’re doing this,’ — which, he’s not going to do,” proclaimed McIntyre. “A lot of people would just take the paper and complain privately to people in the locker room, perhaps, or to themselves, and then, maybe down the line if they’re not with the company anymore, in interviews, rather than trying to work together with the creative writer you’re with and saying, ‘It doesn’t feel like me.’ And if you really feel strongly about it, go to the boss himself. I know a lot of people are intimidated to go to Mr. McMahon. But, in the end, he’s the boss of the company where you work.”

Drew McIntyre to New York Newsday

It appears even Vince McMahon’s original chosen one even fears having to go to the boss for issues. Drew’s honesty about his frustrations is always admirable and it seems to have benefited him in the long run as he is now back in the world title picture.

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