Possible Face Turn For Roman Reigns

Since unifying the WWE Universal and WWE Championship, Roman Reigns has been a regular on both SmackDown and now Monday Night RAW as well.

Sportskeeda reports that hints dropped on May 2’s episode of Monday Night Raw indicate a babyface turn might be in the works for World Wrestling Entertainment’s top heel, Roman Reigns.

During his entrance alongside the Usos, fans cheered wildly for the ‘Tribal Chief’. It is customary for WWE to pipe in fake ‘boos’ for the arrival of characters meant to be heels, to drawn out positive reaction from fans. However the adulation for Reigns, the inaugural WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, was allowed to be heard.  The show’s announcers also acknowledged the mixed reaction.

Reigns has also recently been giving babyface promos at WWE’s live shows. elaborates that this was always the eventual storyline direction for Reigns. Since his 2020 heel turn, Paul Heyman has served as his ‘special counsel’. Their story, claims, is eventually going to see the partnership sour and Reigns turn babyface.

Roman Reigns’s heel turn revitalized his career. He struggled to be accepted by WWE fans as a babyface for years after striking solo from The Shield. However, as a heel Reigns has worked on his promo skills and built a rapport with the fans. With Reigns’s popularity at an all time high, WWE fans will surely still stand to acknowledge their Tribal Chief whether he is a babyface or a heel.

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