Is WWE Changing Plans for Mustafa Ali?

Despite being a popular performer with World Wrestling Entertainment’s audiences, Mustafa Ali has had many ups and downs with the company. His ‘Chase the Light’ babyface gimmick was scrapped in favor of a heel turn with the RETRIBUTION stable that quickly flopped. His tag team and eventual feud with Mansoor in late 2021 received praise, but this too was shelved. Ali requested his release from WWE publicly via social media, but the request was just as openly denied despite the fact that Ali remained absent from television for months.

Ali returned to Monday Night Raw in late April 2022, to challenge Theory for the United States Championship. His first match in many months was against The Miz. While it seemed that Ali was going to be placed in contention for the United States title, plans could have changed already for him.

Bleacher Report quotes Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, via Michael Perry of Ringside News, that the series of attacks by Ciampa that have been written for Ali are “not a good thing.” Ciampa portrayed a babyface in his recent Main Event match against Apollo Crews, but was a heel on Raw when he attacked Ali. Rather than a chance at the United States title, it seems Ali might be pivoted towards a midcard feud with the former NXT champion.

Ali is a talented performer, and though no title hangs in the balance between him and Ciampa, the two NXT veterans would undoubtedly stage a thrilling match on Monday Night Raw if a storyline between them is in the works.

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