4 More Wrestling Podcasts You Need To Listen To

There are a lot of wrestling podcasts, but which should you listen to? Hmm..

Today there’s no better way to consume wrestling content than via podcast. On this list are 5 podcast you should definitely go out of your way to listen.

The Lapsed Fan

The Lapsed Fan is a great podcast for those interested in the past of the wrestling business. Not only are they informative, but really funny when they talk about wrestling and its history. A podcast worth listing on your free time.

Wrestling Perspective Podcast

Wrestling Perspective Podcast is a great podcast that covers today’s wrestling business and with some very interesting guests almost every week. One of the hosts of this must-listen podcast is the vocalist and guitarist of the band Rancid Lars Fredericksen. Go ahead and give this podcast a chance.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

The You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me boys used to have a podcast about the Wednesday Night War, but they later decided to change it to something interesting and that’s how we have this podcast dedicated to the history of TNA.

One Nation Radio

One Nation Radio is a great podcast that covers the current state of pro-wrestling. James Boyd and Rich Latta are the host of this very informative podcast.