NJPW is Back!

New Japan Pro Wrestling is back!

Wrestling Dontaku was an all around success for NJPW. After almost two years where the promotion seemed to have lost all their momentum, this show was what NJPW needed to finally be back on track.

Bullet Club and Juice Robinson were the two biggest winners of Wrestling Dontaku. Excitment about this faction was long lost due to the house of torture stuff, but Bullet Club looked cool again on Wrestling Dontaku and NJPW is finally back on track.

The wrestling on the show was also very good, in particular Ishii vs. Tanahashi. The main event between Okada and Naito was also good but nothing we haven’t seen before with these two.

Not only was Wrestling Dontaku a fun show, but the announcement of the participants of this year’s BOSJ was exciting, and with a lot of new names attached to this prestigious tournament.

With Wrestling Dontaku and the recent announcement of the Forbidden Door show, NJPW is finally on the right track to gain back the momentum they lost right before the pandemic started and affected all of us.

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