Sami Zayn Loved Michael Cole’s Commentary For His WrestleMania Match

At WrestleMania 38 we witnessed several celebrity matches and it’s fair to say Logan Paul, Johnny Knoxville and Pat McAfee all did fantastic jobs.

The match that stands out the most however would be Knoxville’s match with Sami Zayn. The match was well received by a lot of fans, who appreciated the fun nonsense we witnessed, Sami Zayn in particular has been very vocal about how proud he is of this match and his latest tweet regarding the match has shown another reason why.

The video of course captures the moment Jackass cast member Wee-Man shows up and starts taking the fight to Sami, both Pat and Cole are seen losing their minds laughing with shock. Michael Cole in particular has been a long tenured commentator in WWE, seeing some of the most spectacular matches we’ve seen in the company and as Sami referenced in his tweet, so his declaration of the match being one of the most fun he’s ever called means a lot.