The Importance of Forbidden Door

For years, wrestling fans from all over the world wanted one thing and that was AEW and NJPW producing a super-show together, and finally, we are getting that show.

Forbidden Door is a very important show for the world of wrestling and could lead to something even bigger down the line. Why is this show important? Some people will try to downplay the importance of this show and that it doesn’t move AEW’s business in particular.

Giving your fanbase something they’ve been waiting for is never a bad thing, it’s actually the opposite, it’s amazing. AEW and NJPW could’ve booked a show like this earlier but COVID and a certain executive (*COUGH**COUGH* Harold Meij *COUGH**COUGH*) were the biggest roadblocks for this show to happen at first.

What does this show mean for NJPW? The departure of The Elite hurt NJPW’s US expansion by a lot, this show is NJPW’s opportunity to put their US expansion back on track and gain some new and old fans to their product. NJPW having a great showing here could also help them for the day they can finally get a decent TV deal in the US.

AEW doesn’t gain much by this, it’s true but it also helps them as their introduction to Japanese fans as they start their expansion to this market down the line.

This show will be a success, and we don’t even have a card yet! but this is something we all have been waiting for and the success of this business and critically could lead for NJPW and AEW making this type of shows an annual thing like NJPW has done in the past with CMLL with FantasticaMania and ROH with War of the Worlds. Another big possibility is that the next show could be held in a massive stadium or arena.

At the end of the day, this show will be as important as AEW and NJPW wants it to be, and there’s no doubt both consider this show a big deal already.