What Would The Card for The AEW-NJPW Show Look Like

With the supershow between AEW-NJPW almost becoming a reality, there’s no better time to start thinking of what matches we might see of a show like this.

The rosters of AEW and NJPW have some interesting matchups to offer for fans to enjoy.

Toru Yano vs. Orange Cassidy would be an interesting and funny match yo enjoy for fans of both products. The shenanigans both will pull on each other is going to be legendary.

Depending of the date of the show, we might see some returns and could change the card of this show. One match that should definitely happen is Kenny Omega vs. Shingo Takagi. Two former IWGP World Champions colliding is all I need.

As mentioned before, the date of this show will be interesting because of injuries and returns. If Rey Fénix is back on time, a match against Hiromu Takahashi should be on this card. This match would have two insane wrestlers trying to out do each other.

One of the moments wrestling fans have been waiting for a long time, is for Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi to reunite and this show could be it, we could see them finally having that big stadium match they’ve always wanted or a Golden Lovers reunion.

At the end of the day, this show has a lot of possibilities of being LEGENDARY. Let’s hope AEW and NJPW deliver.