NXT 2.0 and Its Lack of Synergy with The Main Roster

When the announcement of NXT’s rebrand was announced, one of the things that was considered was that the new NXT and main roster would finally have synergy with one another, but that has not been the case.

NXT 2.0 wrestlers still get name changes and new gimmicks just like the the old NXT wrestlers. The stories of NXT 2.0 have no consequences on the main roster and are ignored for the most part.

What’s also interesting is that 2.0 also barely has any synergy with NXT UK. This lack of synergy between WWE brands is an overall problem in WWE.

WWE barely has anything that can be considered long term planning and synergy with NXT 2.0 is almost impossible to happen, unless Vince McMahon himself was the main booker of 2.0, and even then synergy would be unlikely.

Can this change? If there was another person booking all of WWE and that’s not changing anytime soon. At the end of the day, expecting NXT 2.0 yo have synergy with the main roster is just setting yourself for disappointment.