Cody Rhodes Says He Will Give Honest Advice To AEW Wrestlers Interested In Joining WWE

Cody Rhodes made his WWE return on Saturday night during Night 1 of WrestleMania 38, when he was the hand picked opponent for Seth Rollins. This makes him the first major star from AEW to make the jump to WWE.

In his first interview since leaving AEW, Cody spoke to BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani and he was asked if he would talk to other AEW wrestlers about the possibility of signing with WWE in the future.

Cody stated that he would give somebody honest advice if they asked. He also talked about WWE’s schedule compared to AEW’s, and how it is a full-time commitment. He added that you can’t be one foot in, and that you’re not getting paid to work one day a week.

“I would only give somebody honest advice. That might be right for somebody. This was right for me. I don’t know when the first…I think I know who those people will be because there are certain people who fit this ‘superstar mode,’ I think I know how the types might be and when they ask, I’m going to give them the best advice I possibly can. I can say though, that the schedule here, at the least the schedule I had the first time, is not for the non-committed, you can’t be one foot. It is a full-time commitment. You’re not getting paid to work one day a week. That’s not knocking anybody who is. That might be the biggest shock and change. The structure here is positive. It’s a wonderful structure. It’s a little less punk rock, and punk rock is great, and then you want to play something else. That’s what I experienced.”

“When they start coming and talking, I’m sure people will make the transition. You’ll probably guess some of the people who will come over and, undoubtedly, people like Bryan (Danielson) and Adam Cole, people will make that move there. It is a healthy thing. It doesn’t seem healthy when you watch the show because all we’re doing is talking trash about each other, which I really hope nobody here does because it’s lazy, it’s lazy, and you’re discrediting what’s built and what got me. You’re discrediting me and you’re incorrect in the sense that it doesn’t matter. I’ll always give the best advice because this schedule is not for everybody. WWE made it, WWE and Nick Khan specifically made it so easy. There’s a bus, your family, your wife, your daughter, red carpet. With that red carpet means it’s time to get to work. I’m curious how I’ll do it, but I’ll never do it in terms of leveraging. I can only give honest advice because everyone’s path is different.”

You can watch the entire interview Ariel Helwani did with Cody Rhodes below.

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