What’s Next For Roman Reigns?

WrestleMania 38 will be the another crowning moment for Roman Reigns as the ace of WWE. The writing is on the wall, he’ll beat Brock Lesnar and unify the WWE and universal championships, but what happens after that?

One of the things WWE has done good during this current run by Reigns is making him a dominant champion and beating anyone in front of him, but this also came with a cost, sacrificing most of the roster for his sake. While having a dominant champion is never a bad thing, the problem is that there’s no struggle for him or goal left for him once he defeats Lesnar at Mania.

WWE has done a terrible job elevating wrestlers to that next level and creating new main eventers. look at Big E for example, WWE’s booking botched a title reign everybody wanted to see and all indicates that Big E might follow Kofi Kingston in the sense he’ll never be considered a main eventer again and just a tag team wrestler.

Roman still has options regarding who he’s next challenger should be. The most likely scenario is that WWE brings a legend for a short program with him. Another idea would be Cody Rhodes as his next big program until Summer Slam or the next PPV. Is more than likely than Roman Reigns would hold to the title another year until he eventually has that WrestleMania match against The Rock.

it’ll be interesting to see what WWE has planned for Reigns after the program with Lesnar is over.