No Buzz For Mania

WrestleMania is the biggest wrestling show of the year, and no can deny that. Legendary moments in the history of the sport we love have occurred on WrestleMania. With all that being said, this year’s Mania feels bland and like the title of this editorial says, with no buzz. Why is that the case?

The fact Mania feels boring and bland this year is no accident. The build to the biggest show WWE has to offer had been mediocre. This should be unacceptable coming from the biggest promotion in wrestling, but standards are low in the fed for a very long time.

Before any major sports and entertainment event, there’s always some buzz or hype about the previous days, but that’s not the case with WrestleMania, most tweets about the show are about people forgetting WrestleMania is just around the corner. That cannot be good considering this is WWE’s marquee show.

Let’s start with celebrities. Logan Paul and Johnny Knoxville are going to be part of Mania, we like or not. The wrestling purist in me hates the idea of celebrities being involved in a match, but the legacy of WrestleMania was built with celebrities, if you don’t believe me, just watch the main event of the first WrestleMania ever. Celebrities are fine, but their purpose is to create new fans. The appeal of Logan Paul and his brother is that people want to seen get their ass kicked for real, and spoiler alert, wrestling isn’t exactly real. That takes away a lot of the appeal of having Logan Paul. Regarding Knoxville, he’s a fun dude, everybody loves Jackass but the peak of his popularity was in the early 2000s, but not today. Let’s just hope they take this seriously.

One if the major problems with this year’s Mania is the matches they are presenting to people. The IC and US champions are relegated to having matches at RAW and SD, instead of being booked on the actual card and it’s funnier when you think that Omos gets a Mania match but the IC champion doesn’t. What’s the point of caring about champion in WWE!?

The main attraction for this show is Reigns vs. Lesnar, a match-up we all have seen 4 times already. This is yet another Roman Reigns coronation at Mania, but after this, there’s nothing left for him to do. Reigns has defeated the entire roster and in a very dominant fashion. The one positive of this feud has been cowboy Lesnar and how funny he is.

The other marquee match of this show is Flair vs. Rousey. This feels as interesting as a dentist appointment (unless your dentist is Britt Baker). There isn’t much to say about this feud and that’s the problem… Nothing interesting has happened between those two and people don’t care, except weird stans and the stopwatch people.

Will Mania be bad? common sense would say yes, but that doesn’t apply for WWE, so there’s a chance this show exceeds expectations and that’s not a hard thing to do considering how bad the build has been.