WWE Files For New NFT Related Trademark

On March 11, WWE filed for trademarks on “Moonsault” and “Lockup.” Additionally, trademarks were filed on variant terms “WWE Moonsault” and “WWE Lockup.”

It has not yet been made clear what the term Lockup will be used for, but the description of the trademark also relates to the world of NFTs.

Description of filed trademark:

Trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of class 42: Non-downloadable software for electronic asset transfer; non-downloadable software for exchanging, transferring and transacting non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); providing non-downloadable software for use in exchange of digital funding; providing non-downloadable software for managing payment and exchange transactions; providing non-downloadable software for creating and managing a blockchain or distributed ledger platform for use in managing digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, digital and blockchain assets; providing downloadable software for creating and managing a blockchain or distributed ledger platform for use in managing digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, digital and blockchain assets; providing non downloadable blockchain software; downloadable blockchain software; providing a viewer to view images, audio or multimedia files associated with or embedded in non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) featuring computer software platforms using blockchain and distributed ledger technology for authenticating and processing non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); Minting, creating, selling managing and distributing non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) created, maintained, and transacted on blockchain networks using blockchain technologies including software and hardware wallets, and which NFTs are associated with other multimedia digital assets; providing an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of crypto collectibles, digital collectibles, blockchain-based non-fungible assets, digital assets or associated content; providing an online marketplace for creation, posting, minting, promoting, and exchange crypto collectibles, digital collectives, digital art, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and assets, digital assets and other application tokens; providing use of online, non -downloadable computer software and application interface for creating, minting, and trading blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); smart contract library services, namely, providing temporary use of online, non-downloadable software in the nature of smart contracts for virtual item minting, transfer, and exchange using digital assets, tokens, or cryptocurrencies; providing online non-downloadable computer programs and computer software for electronic transfer of digital information, assets, coins, and tokens; providing online non-downloadable computer software for use as a digital asset wallet; providing online non-downloadable computer software for enabling users to electronically create, exchange, store, send, receive, accept, and transmit digital tokens based on or transacting upon or by blockchain technology; online retail store and marketplace services featuring digital collectibles, digital tokens, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), cryptocurrencies, virtual currency, digital items, and digital art; operating an online marketplace for displaying, registering, purchasing, selling, trading, listing, and transferring digital assets, digital works, and digital collectibles represented by non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) via a blockchain network; non-downloadable cloud software for use as a digital wallet; non-downloadable image, multimedia, text, audio, and video files authenticated by controlled by or associated with non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); non-downloadable application software for storing, tracking, selling, auctioning, buying, trading, displaying, minting, and searching for non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); non-downloadable marketplace platforms that allow users to buy, sell and store non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); online store services featuring virtual goods authenticated by non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”); crypto-collectibles and application tokens used and transferred on a software as a service (SaaS); crypto-collectibles and application tokens accessed on a platform as a service (PaaS).

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