The Missed Opportunities With Cesaro

A few days ago, we learned that Cesaro would no longer be part of WWE after being part of the promotion for the last 11 years. Looking back at this run with WWE, you have a feeling of disappointment due to all the missed opportunities.

Why did Cesaro underachieve in WWE? The main reason we can all agree is his promos. WWE and Vince McMahon give a lot of emphasis to promos and Cesaro was not necessarily a bad promo but for what WWE look for in terms of them he was never going to deliver what they wanted. There’s also the fact if his accent and that didn’t help either.

WWE failed to hide the negatives with Cesaro and showcase his strengths. This could be said about most WWE wrestlers too. WWE knew his weakness were promos, at least to Vince McMahon’s weird standards, and they barely did anything to help him get over.

WWE had many opportunities to push Cesaro over the next level, like we saw with the Cesaro section in 2016. Instead of capitalizing on his popularity, they had him on boring feuds with guys like The Miz. Another recent example was last year, people really believed WWE was going to push him, and surprise! They didn’t.

We could also talk about how WWE failed to push him when his helicopter spin was becoming popular and WWE just didn’t capitalize on it, this was a recurrent thing of WWE and Cesaro, failing to capitalize on the situation.

For Cesaro’s credit, the man tried a lot of different gimmicks to test the waters and find the one that would finally push him into a main event role, but he was unsuccessful.

Cesaro, or I should say, Claudio Castagnoli will be okay. He’s the hottest free agent and all promotions will be interesting in obtaining his services.

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