Tea & Tights – Exclusive Brit Wres Special: TNT Extreme – TNT Ignition: Ignite The Fire – Preview

TNT Ignition are back in action at the Fusion Bar in Liverpool on Sunday the 13th of March, Bodyslam, via our Tea and Tights Podcast spoke with TNT Ignition star RPD ahead of his Street fight with Soner Dursun. RPD also gave us his thoughts on the upcoming matches for the TNT Ignite The Fire show;

RPD vs Soner Dursan

This rivalry dates back to the Ignition Rumble on the 9th of January, where RPD picked up the surprise win against Soner Dursan, former longest Reigning TNT Ignition Champion.Dursan challenged RPD to boxing match at TNT Sky’s the Limit on the 6th February, however Dursan would break the rules, hitting RPD with a spear knocking RPD through the ropes. On the outside Dursun would get the upper hand and sending RPD a definitive statement. Dursun pile drove him to the bar top, RPD assured us that he has fully recovered, but will Dursun have a target in RPD’s neck during the street fight.

MVK vs Issac North

This match up has been months in the making, the two titans clashed during the Ignition rumble but now the two giants are set to face in a singles contest.

Gia Adams vs Ivy

Adams has finally put her rivalry with Taonga to bed. Now Adams is set to clash with the Queen Of Monsters, Ivy. Adams clashed with Ivy at Sky’s The Limit in triple threat match also featuring Hannah Taylor in a No. 1 Contenders match which Adams came out the victor, Ivy would go on to complain about the way Adams won their triple threat match demanding that Adams face her in singles contest.

Tate Mayfairs vs Big Guns Joe

This will be Big Guns Joe first match at TNT Ignition since Simon Miller turned on the henchest man in British Wrestling, Tate Mayfairs will be looking to pick up his first win after an impressive yet unsuccessful debut at Sky’s the Limit.

Tom Thelwell vs Chase Alexander

Tom Thelwell is the uncrowned Prince on TNT Ignition and is the current Level Up Brief Case holder earning him a title shot of his choosing, has had big wins recently including one over Scott Oberman, costing Oberman his career in TNT Ignition. Chase Alexander has several big wins as of late and will be looking to back up the statement he made at Sky’s the Limit when he attacked Thelwell following his match with Jimmy Jackson.

Shreddy vs HT Drake

Shreddy’s on a roll as of late after coming out on top his rivalry with Simon Miller and Big Guns Joe and he had a big win over the biggest wrestler ever, Franco Varga at Sky’s The Limit. He believes he should be in the Main Event and a win over a North East Veteran could put him there. HT Drake picked up a win over Joe Kesler at the last show, he is looking to make a name for himself in the North West, a win over Shreddy would certainly put him contention the top of the card.

Kam Solas and Ruffneck vs Manc Union (JJ Webb and Sam Bailey)

In the main event TNT Ignition Champion Kam Solas teams with TNT Extreme legend Ruffneck to face the Manc-Unions TNT Extreme Legend Sam Bailey and JJ Webb. Webb won the Ignition rumble and challenged Solas for the TNT Ignition Championship which he cashed in for Sky’s the Limit, prior to that match, Webb interfered in Solas match during the TNT DOA Tournament causing Solas to be eliminated. At Sky’s The Limit Webb tried to cheat his way to a win, with the help of Sam Bailey. Thankfully TNT Ignition head Referee James Greenwood was able to realise what had happened, restarting the match with solas able to over come the odds and retain the TNT Ignition Championship. Webb and Bailey attacked and beat down the Champion following the match, Bailey would get on the microphone an announce that Manc Union were back that Webb was the newest member. As they went to continue the beat down on Solas, TNT Legend Ruffneck would come to aid Solas, Ruffneck would announce wherever the Manc Union are he will be there to stop them and that as Solas is Liverpool born a bred he would be happy to partner with him against the Manc Union. Webb and Bailey have said they have friends everywhere, could we see more members of the Manc Union at TNT Ignition Ignite the Fire.

TNT Ignition Dark Match

There will also be a Dark Match for V.i.P Ticket holders which will held in co promotion with Wrestle Island, as up and coming stars from Wrestle Island, Lance Rivera and Lucy Sky clash in a singles contest.

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