Update On Cody Rhodes’ Future

Cody and Brandi Rhodes released a statement this morning thanking many individuals and fans after All Elite Wrestling announced that they are not re-signing with the promotion. Tony Khan also released a statement, thanking Cody and Brandi for their contributions to AEW.

Fightful Select is now reporting that Cody and Brandy are, in fact, gone from AEW after they could not come to terms on a contract. Fightful noted that Cody was looking for a big-money deal and many within AEW did not feel as though any such deal is fiscally responsible. WWE officials were made aware that an announcement of Cody departing AEW was happening beforehand. It was noted that WWE and Cody have been in discussion.

Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes have left AEW after they could not come to terms on a new contract. Fightful was told by AEW sources last Friday that Cody sought a big money deal,and several didn’t think that a re-signing was going to happen. By that night,numerous people inside and outside the company had knowledge of the situation,and were of the belief that cody was leaving the company. However, inquiries started to come to cody directly over the weekend, which he claimed were spun . Shortly before the announcement, WWE officials were aware of the situation and also knew that an announcement would be dropped. we’ve heard that the two sides have at lest had discussions, but WWE was well aware that an announcement regarding Rhodes’ departure would be made at 10am EST. About 15 min before Cody’s announcement, word had also spread to AEW talent that he was leaving the company. Cody Rhodes and Brandi haven’t been quiet as connected to the locker room in recent years when AEW started, with the word emerging that Cody had become distant from other EVP’s.

Back in September our own Cassidy Haynes reported that Cody’s role, as well as the other EVPs, had been diminished extensively and that Tony Khan took the reins.

Stay with, as we will have more news as it is available.

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