Laredo Kid signs with IMPACT!

The Laredo Kid made some headlines over the first weekend of the month as it was announced he signed a deal with IMPACT Wrestling. The Laredo Kid has been part of a working relationship between IMPACT and the Lucha Libre promotion AAA based in Mexico dating as far back as 2017. Laredo Kid returned to IMPACT over the summer of 2021 and has been a regular fixture on the programming.

Recently, Laredo Kid spoke to Pro Wrestling Stories writer Darren Paltrowtiz and had the following to say:

Yes, my goal is to try [to] fight for that belt [X Division Title] because [when] I started in the wrestling business, I saw all the wrestlers that go for the X Division like AJ Styles and all [those] wrestlers. I think they motivated me to be a good wrestler, you know? Like training hard. When I see all the crazy moves they do, I try to do the same, you know? And training more [to] be there one day and when I had the opportunity to be — to sign with IMPACT, it’s great, you know? Right now, it’s a dream to have this opportunity then I’m going to find the X Division belt.”

Laredo was a part of IMPACT’s late January TV taping in Florida where he competed against Blake Christian and was a part of a three-way involving Ace Austin and Chris Bey.

He continued to due media appearances and interviews and did confirm with Lucha Libre Online that he inked a deal with IMPACT! Wrestling. Details of the deal have not been made public yet.

Bodyslam will update you if those details become public knowledge.

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