Shane McMahon Facing Backstage Heat Following Men’s Royal Rumble

Shane McMahon made his return to television on Saturday night during WWE’s Royal Rumble Premium Live Event as a participant in the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match.

The reaction was seemingly well received, as Shane elicited large reaction from the crowd. On Sunday, however, reports suggested that McMahon played a vital role backstage for the weekend’s Premium Live Event as well. This role evidently did not pay dividends or end on a positive note.

According to Ringside News, Shane was the lead writer and producer for the Men’s Rumble match, in addition to Fightful Select’s report that the Men’s Rumble Match was produced by Pearce, Daivari, Jamie Noble and Chris Park.

The match was said to be “the talk of WWE today.” A very long-term member of the WWE creative team told Ringside News that Shane McMahon “openly buried [WWE producer] Jamie Noble” and “tried to book the Rumble match around himself.”

Furthermore, it was learned that McMahon became very confrontational, even fighting with other people to put himself over in the match. Ringside News reports that Shane was “fighting everyone,” as well as “booking himself to be one of the last one’s out and eliminating Kevin Owens.” It’s said that this made the locker room “really angry.”

Another comment made about the situation postulated that:

“when Shane McMahon is more impactful in the Rumble than Big E or Owens even people who don’t normally complain are LOUDLY complaining.”

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