Exclusive: David Marquez Talks About Being Asked To Fill In On Commentary For GCW’s LA Fights Prior To Event Going Live

David Marquez has been apart of the wrestling industry for 32 years this February, and is the current owner of the United Wrestling Network and Championship Wrestling presented by Car Shield.

Besides his work with UWN and Championship Wrestling, David Marquez recently appeared at GCW’s LA Fights Vol. 2 on January 9th as a commentator, which apparently almost didn’t happen.

David Marquez recently sat down with Bodyslam.net’s Roundtable Pro Wrestling Podcast for an exclusive interview. During the discussion, Marquez talked about his recent appearance with Game Changer Wrestling’s new LA Fights promotion, where he joined the commentary team. However, Marquez revealed that his role as commentator was a last minute thing, as Brett Lauderdale prior to the event going live and asked him to fill in on commentary due to the original person not being there.

Yeah, it’s funny you say that, because three weeks ago, GCW did LA fight and the commentator wasn’t there. And Brett Lauderdale came up to me and said, I need you to fill in for this because we’re going live What? Wow..”

“Yeah. I need you to commentate. And I was like, I haven’t been a commentator in 10-12 years. I have no idea what anything is called. I’ll call it a this or that or Cobra clutch. I don’t even call it a Million-dollar dreams. And he was like, oh, it doesn’t matter. Just go out there. So I thought I was going to do one match. I ended up doing two. And then X-Pac joined me.”

David Marquez is the owner and founder of the United Wrestling Network, Memphis Wrestling, and Championship Wrestling presented by Car Shield.

You can check out the entire interview Bodyslam.net’s The Roundtable Pro Wrestling Podcast did with David Marquez below.

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