Ring Of Honor Announces Its Own Hall Of Fame

This morning Ring Of Honor Announced that it is now establishing it’s very own Hall Of fame.

The company announced its Hall of Fame establishment to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of the promotion. The first inductee will be revealed on Monday, January 31 with three more inductees to be revealed in the following three weeks.

Per ROH:

To coincide with Ring of Honor’s 20th anniversary, the company is proud to announce the establishment of the ROH Hall of Fame.

Since its inception, ROH has created excellence in professional wrestling by giving the best wrestlers on the planet a platform to showcase their talent.

Now ROH will honor the outstanding athletes who have contributed greatly to making it one of the most influential pro wrestling promotions in the industry.

The first inductee in the inaugural ROH Hall of Fame class will be revealed this Monday. Subsequent inductees will be announced on Feb. 7, Feb. 14 and Feb. 21.

Also, each episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling in February will be devoted to a Hall of Fame inductee and there will be weekly YouTube specials on the inductees.

ROH announced back in november that the company would be taking a hiatus for the first quarter of 2022 , but the company will return on April 1 with Supercard of Honor.

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