Booker T Believes WWE Not Releasing Mustafa Ali Might Be a Good Thing For Him

Back on January 15, Mustafa Ali announced via his Twitter page that he would be asking for his release from WWE.

In his post, Ali stated that he had a message bigger than his dreams in pro wrestling and felt he wouldn’t be able to deliver that message as long as he was with WWE. Things took an interesting turn when news broke that the company would not be granting Ali his release.

Now a WWE Hall Of Famer is giving his take on the situation.

On his recent episode of the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about Mustafa Ali’s request for release not being granted. Booker T stated that he believes it is a good thing.

“Maybe that’s a good thing for Mustafa. I know sometimes you speak up and you’re ticked off about something and you’ll say anything, you know what I mean? Maybe time to cool down a little bit, maybe time to think about it a little bit,” he said. “Maybe even have a real conversation, because sometimes I know you can get some respect when you speak your mind.”

It was noted that Ali still has another year remaining on his current contract with the company, so we will have to see if WWE ends up releasing him or if he will sit the rest of his contract at home.

Below is the full episode of the Hall of Fame Podcast.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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