Wrestling Stopwatches

Wrestling Twitter is a very strange place to navigate on a daily basis. You always have to deal with strange people that stan promotions or wrestlers and will get angry if critic the thing they stan. But there’s one group that are more bizarre than the others on that godforsaken app, and that’s the stopwatchers.

I know what you’re going to ask, “what or who is a stopwatcher?” Well, stopwatchers are a group of people that have this fascination of taking the time of women’s matches in AEW. They also like to claim they’re women’s wrestling advocates but that’s far from the truth.

Stopwatchers take the time of women’s matches and like to use it against AEW as criticism on the promotion and their women’s division. The interesting part is they only seem to do this with AEW and not with other promotions.

Stopwatchers will complain about AEW only booking one women’s match on Dynamite and Rampage, but they’ll stay quiet when RAW or SD doesn’t even book women’s matches. They also like to claim Impact or ‘AJW-USA’ as it’s known by some people has the best women’s wrestling in the WORLD, let me repeat myself, not in the US but in the whole WORLD. An interesting claim, especially when you consider the stopwatchers can’t mention even one MOTY contender from what they consider the best women’s wrestling in the world.

As mentioned before, stopwatchers claim they are women’s wrestling advocates but that’s not true. They only care about American wrestling, they will ignore the joshi in Japan and even think TJPW and STARDOM are the same promotion. Let’s not even mention Mexico, they ain’t ready to discover Mexico has interesting luchadoras.

Stopwatchers are not doing women’s wrestling any favors with their stopwatches. If they really cared, they would use that data they gather and realize AEW’s women’s division is not as terrible as they think it is, but it also needs improvements like any other division in any promotion. They seem to always ignore all the improvements the division is going through and only care for making weird critics. WWE gets s pass with them and yet they feature their women’s division less, and let’s not talk about their history before the so called women’s revolution.

If stopwatchers really cared about women’s wrestling, they would highlight promotions like TJPW and STARDOM and the awesome work they are doing. If they actually cared, they would study AJW and the influence the promotion left in some any wrestlers to this day and acknowledge wrestlers like Aja Kong, Manami Toyota and Akira Hokuto as all time greats, instead of being put aside infavor or less talent wrestlers than them, who’s impact on the wrestling business was minimum.