Axel Tischer to Defend wXw Unified World Championship At Wrestle Carnival’s “Carnival Of Champions”

wXw Unified world Champion Axel Tischer will be putting his Championship on the line at the main event of Wrestle Carnival’s Carnival of Champions on the 30th of January in Nottingham England.

Wrestle Carnival announced the news via their social media accounts;

Axel Tischer will be putting his championship on the line against former ROH star Joe Hendry, Hendry vs Tischer had always been the planned main event for the show, however up until this announcement the championship was not on the line. It would seem that Wrestle Carnival and wXw Germany have come to terms to put the wXw Unified World Championship on the line, the arrangement will see the match made available to watch via wXw YouTube Channel.

This is not the first time Wrestle Carnival have been able to agree a working partnership with another promotion, last year Wrestle Carnival hosted two shows with Ring of Honor. The promotion has also previously hosted a Shimmer Championship between Hyan and Alex Windsor.

Wrestle Carnival’s “Carnival of Champions” Line Up As Announced so far.

2 x 4 man Rumble Carnival Champion Qualifying matches;

Charlie Sterling, Chris Ridgeway, Tommy Kyle, Charles Crowley, Dean Allmark. Warren Banks, Big Guns Joe, Jason Joshua

2 x 4 Woman Rumble Queen of The Carnival Qualifying Mathces;

Alex Windsor, Mercedez Blaze, Charlie Morgan, Rhio, Jetta, Lana Austin, Chantal Jordan, Lizzy Evo

Taonga vs Ivy

Gabriel Kidd vs Yota Tsuji

Man Like Dereiss vs Tom Thelwell

Reece and Rogan (Wrecking Ball Reece and Big Hoss Rogan) vs Pure Beef (Brady Philips and Powerhouse Blake)

Carnival Champion Final

Queen Of the Carnival Final

wXw Unified Championship Match

Axel Tischer (c) vs Joe Hendry

Plus former NXT UK superstar Jospeh Connors will also address the Wrestle Carnival Audience

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Wrestle Carnival’s Carnival Of Champions is set for the 30th of January at Portland Centre in Nottingham, the show will be available to stream via Wrestle Carnivals Patreon or via delay on IWTV, the main event will also be available on wXw’s YouTube Channel.

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Source Wrestle Carnival Twitter