Tama Tonga Talks About AEW; Says He Didn’t Receive Any Offer To Join Company

Tama Tonga and The Elite were once together in one of the most powerful factions in wrestling. Even though the Bullet Club was a stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling, the group had far reached beyond the borders of Japan and was at one time the most popular faction’s around the world.

Kenny Omega had been the unofficial leader of the Bullet Club for some time but after some inner fighting between the group in 2018, ‘SwitchBlade’ Jay White would take the reigns.

On January 1st of 2019, The Elite consisting of The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and Hangman Page announced the official formation of ALL Elite Wrestling, along with Owner and President Tony Khan.

Since AEW’s launch as a company, there have been numerous back and forth spats on social media between the groups, and many have wondered why the feud never got a conclusion on television, especially after AEW announced it was working with NJPW.

During an interview on All Real Wrestling Podcast, Tama Tonga was asked if he ever received an offer to join AEW and if he has any ill will towards The Elite.

“Not me, I didn’t get any offer, but I think some other guys have gotten it, but not me. I’m happy where I’m at. I don’t have any ill will or animosity towards what they did. I always respect the hustle and the work that is put in. I have a lot of respect for them and what they did and are still doing. That’s always. When they were in Bullet Club doing their thing, sometimes, with anything, people like to do it one way and you like to do it another way and sometimes you clash but you overcome and move forward. That’s anybody. A lot of people confuse what I do on social media as real. My antics and shit talking, that’s what I love about social media, you’re displaying a character. As a fan, you’re like, ‘is he being character or is he being real?’ I think some of my antics have people thinking I have some ill will towards somebody. There’s never that. Never that. I always wish the best for everybody.”

We have seen Bullet Club member Kenta show up on AEW television, so who knows maybe one day we will see a conclusion to the feud especially with how open the forbidden door has been.

(H/T to Fightful for quotes.)

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