The Succession Plan In WWE

One of the more interesting subjects of discussion around WWE is who will be Vince McMahon’s eventual successor. But with more recent changes, there isn’t seem to be a clear successor for Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire.

Paul Levesque aka Triple H was considered by many as Vince McMahon’s successor, but after failing to defeat AEW in the Wednesday night wars, that doesn’t seem so clear right now. Especially when you look at WWE and how they’re dismantling what is left of Levesque’s NXT.

For many years, the common thought was that Levesque would be Vince’s successor on the creative side of things and Stephanie would take over the business side of things. If you don’t believe me, there’s several Wrestling Observer Newsletters that go into detail about this.

The creative side of things doesn’t seem to have a solid answer in terms of successor, but the business side might have one with Nick Khan. With everything he’s doing maybe going into that direction or preparing WWE for an eventual sell to a large media conglomerate.

There’s also Shane and what could he be involved in all this. Shane for the most part only works for WWE as an on screen talent, but he does own WWE stock. Shane could be an option but he’s been trying to get away from the WWE shadow and build his own thing, like we’ve seen with his own personal business.

With Vince McMahon getting older and older, this subject will be interesting to follow, especially with no current solid choice as his successor. This could be as dramatic as the HBO hit Succession with a premise quite similar to what’s happening with WWE.