What’s Next for Ali?

Yesterday, Adeel Alam AKA Mustafa Ali made public via Twitter his intentions of leaving WWE after being part of the promotion for the last 6 years. Ali will become an interesting free agent, once his release gets granted.

The first promotion that comes in mind according to many fans as Ali’s next destination is AEW. The promotion led by Tony Khan makes all the sense in the world for Ali, AEW has shown to be a very creatively opened promotion for wrestlers and someone like him would thrive there for sure. The only problem is that AEW has less open spots left than ever, especially after all the signings they’ve done, but AEW is currently waiting for a few contracts to expire so maybe there’s still a chance for him in AEW.

Another option is IMPACT for Ali, but just like AEW IMPACT can’t sign everybody and IMPACT has signed a lot of former WWE wrestlers that were released because of “budget cuts”. IMPACT would be fools for not trying to sign him.

NJPW could be another option, but they are very picky on who they sign. So NJPW is not a sure thing like IMPACT and AEW would be in other circumstances.

While Ali leaving WWE is the right move, especially after WWE showing time and time again they had no idea what to do with someone as talented and creative as him, it feels like it’s a little too late for him at this point, specially if we look at the fact that IMPACT and AEW have signed a lot of talent already. Ali should’ve asked for his release a year ago when the market was more open and with more options.

Ali does have the option to go to the indies and increase his name value there. GCW needs more actual good wrestlers and Ali would be great there. PWG would also be a great platform for him and his wrestling abilities, we as fans some times forget his really good in the ring.

The clock is ticking and the future of Mustafa Ali will be interesting to follow from this point on.