GCW Say You Will Results – 1/15/22

GCW continued on the Road to Hammerstein Ballroom with Say You Will on Saturday night, January 15, from the Grand Sports Arena in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak were on the call, with Emil Jay handling the ring announcing duties sporting a swank SummerSlam 1994 t-shirt.

Our own Cassidy Haynes, is joined by Mike Hamley for the post show results and recap here. Full results are found below the video.

  • Gringo Loco def. Alex Zayne, Dante Leon, Nick Wayne, Ninja Mack, and Dark Sheik by pinfall after a spinning 2nd rope powerbomb on Mack. Gringo Loco was of course the hometown favorite in the Chicago area, and this was the kind of typical scramble action you’d expect from this type of match, with bodies flying everywhere.
  • Tony Deppen def. Speedball Mike Bailey by pinfall with a rollup. This first-time ever match was a great outing that showcased each man’s strengths, from technical wrestling, to striking, to high-flying. Bailey hit his standing moonsault double knees and went for a buzzsaw kick, but Deppen dodged and rolled up Bailey for the win. Deppen and Bailey shook hands after the match.
  • Blake Christian def. Bandido by pinfall after a hammerlock brainbuster. Before the match got underway, Emil introduced Chicagoland’s own Kirby Alexander to serve as ring announcer for this match. Blake Christian made his return to GCW back in December. Gill points out quickly on commentary that as soon as 60 days ago, this match would have been an impossibility. This was also a first-time match, and while Bandido more than kept up with Chrsitian’s speed and athleticism, he also complemented it with some power to keep the advantage. Christian hit a springboard 450 and frog splash but got 2 on both, before dropping Bandido with what looked like a hammerlock brainbuster for the win. The two shook hands post-match. Christian made his way to the announce position and got on headset to point out he also just got a win over the ROH World Champion. Bandido does still have the “New ROH World Championship” which he will defend at Jonathan Gresham’s TERMINUS promotion.
  • Jonathan Gresham def. 2 Cold Scorpio by referee stoppage to retain the ROH World Championship. During ROH’s original run, Scorpio wrestled one match in the company–a Four Corner Survival match with Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, and Ace Steel, which Shelley won. Blake Christian sat in on commentary, as he’s booked against Gresham at The Wrld on GCW at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23. Prazak did clarify on commentary that this match was not being held under Pure Rules. Gresham controlled early with hold-for-hold wrestling, but Scorpio was able to take advantage with striking and power. Scorpio hit the front flip legdrop for two, but Gresham retook the advantage with a series of sleepers as Scorpio’s wind started to leave him. Gresham kicked out Scorpio’s leg and caught him in a seated sleeper, forcing him to pass out in the hold. Post-match, the two shook hands, and Christian also made his way down to ringside. Gresham and Christian shook hands and Gresham held up the ROH World Title belt before leaving.
  • AJ Gray def. PCO to win the GCW Extreme Championship. PCO started off immediately with a dive to the floor on Gray. This was, as expected an absolute war. At one point the two men started dueling with halves of a broken door, taking turns hitting each other in the head. Gray threw PCO off the top rope through four chairs placed back-to-back and delivered SIX lariats to finally keep PCO down for the three count.
  • Intermission featured a recap of Jeff Jarrett’s GCW debut at Die 4 This, and a variety of video packages promoting the highly anticipated debut at the Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23.
  • Coming out of intermission, Matthew Justice made a surprise appearance and called out Atticus Cogar, knowing none of his other Second Gear Crew members would be on hand to help. Cogar answered, with Gregory Iron and Bobby Beverly close by. A quick 3-on-1 beat down ensued, and Cogar was about to deploy the skewers on Justice until Jordan Oliver hit the ring for the save. He got beat down as well until 1 Called Manders made the save. The 44OH vacated the ring, and teased re-entering only to back out. Unfortunately for him, Gregory Iron didn’t get the memo and was left 3-on-1 against Justice, Oliver, and Manders. Manders hit a lariat on Iron, and Justice hit a Superfly Splash and covered Iron while Manders counted 3.
  • Ricky Morton def. Matt Cardona via pinfall with a schoolboy rollup. Cardona came out wearing the ECW Television Championship. Chelsea Green provided an update on her condition, stating that the Deathmatch King and Queen are better than ever. Cardona admitted that he knew WWE would issue a Cease & Desist over his using the ECW TV Title, and delivered an “I’m sorry, I love you” to the title belt before throwing it in a trash can and promising to kill Joey Janela in New York. The two had a fun back-and-forth match. Cardona missed a charge in the corner and Morton rolled him up for the fall. Post-match, Cardona apologized for his behavior of late, and told Morton he just lived his dream getting to wrestle him. Green and Cardona both hugged Morton before Green added a low blow. Cardona kicked out Morton’s leg and went to Pillmanize the leg, but Joey Janela appeared to run off Cardona and Green.
  • Allie Katch def. Kylie Rae by pinfall after a piledriver. This is the third singles meeting between these two, and Allie won the previous two. The two had an excellent technical wrestling match until a door came into play. Allie hit a superplex and held on into a Death Valley Driver through the door propped up in the corner, but only got two. At that point, it broke down into a brawl, until Allie Katch was finally able to hit a piledriver for the win. Post-match, Allie cut a fired-up promo about how ready she is to fight Ruby Soho in New York next weekend.
  • Jeff Jarrett hit the ring after Allie finished, guitar in hand. Allie told him off, and Jarrett broke his guitar over her head and walked off without a word.
  • The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) def. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley) by pinfall, when Mark hit Bentley with the Froggie Bow. Murdoch almost immediately rolled to the outside and pulled out a set of light tubes, and Jay Briscoe responded on the other side of the ring with a set of his own. The tone was set right away, and this was a brawl from the word go. Jay Briscoe went through a door, and chairshots galore. At one point all four men were seated in a circle on the outside, and took turns throwing punches. Mark took a super destroyer through a door in the ring, but Jay broke up. Jay hit the Jay Driller on Reed Benetley, and Mark followed with Froggie Bow for the pin. Post match, Jay got on the microphone and laid down an open challenge for the Hammerstein Ballroom. The Briscoes then posed with the belts as the feed ended.
  • Markus Crane Tribute DeathmatchJimmy Lloyd def. Alex Colon & Nate Webb, following a super destroyer on Colon onto light tubes. With these three, you pretty much know what to expect coming in, and they did not disappoint. Webb was taken out fairly early with a nasty looking dragon suplex by Lloyd. Lloyd also hit Alex Colon with a riot shield covered in light tubes to knock him off the top rope through a table on the floor. Colon came back with his fan of light tubes, but Lloyd eventually pinned Colon following a super destroyer onto a set of light tubes. Watch the match yourself below.

And that’s a wrap for GCW Say You Will and the Road to Hammerstein weekend. GCW will be in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom for The Wrld on GCW on Sunday, January 23, on FITE and on PPV.

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