GCW Most Notorious Results – 1/14/22

GCW was in Detroit on the Road to Hammerstein Ballroom, with “Most Notorious” on Friday night, January 14, live from Harpos.

We’ve got our LIVE post-show on YouTube with Cassidy Haynes, along with Mike Hamley discussing all the action and developments, which can be seen here.

Results are found below the video.

Emil Jay and Kevin Gill were on commentary.

  • Gringo Loco won a Scramble Match over Nate Webb, Dante Leon, Jimmy Lloyd, Ninja Mack, JJ Garrett, and Alex Zayne, by pinning Leon following the Gringo Cutter. Zayne was a late addition to the match, hitting the ring before the bell to attack.
  • Jordan Oliver def. Leon Ruff by pinfall following the Orange Crush. Commentary teased Oliver promoting a new move, and presumably the Orange Crush is it. There was no mention of what the move will be called.
  • Kevin Nash made a guest appearance, putting over the city of Detroit, joking about how the guys in the back are “stealing my shit,” and generally put over GCW. When the promo rambled a bit, Nash joked “I could easily be stoned right now,” and eventually brought out Alex Shelley, who entered to “Kick Out the Jams” by Detroit rock icons MC5. Shelley also put over the GCW locker room, culminating in an extended Too Sweet.
  • Alex Shelley def. Jimmy Jacobs by submission with the Border City Stretch, after Jacobs kicked out of Shellshock.
  • Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green came to the ring (with Cardona’s theme remixed to include the truck horn from Kevin Nash’s “Diesel” entrance. Green got on the microphone to invite everyone to Hammerstein next Sunday to celebrate the life of Joey Janela. They promise to end Janela in New York next week, and Cardona says he’ll beat Rhino tonight to become the new ECW Television Champion. Rhino then hit the ring, and promised to cut Green in half with a Gore if she got in his way, and the match was on.
  • Matt Cardona def. Rhino by pinfall after a low blow and belt shot. The two brawled through the crowd and Cardona pulled out a replica(?) ECW TV Title belt which he tried to use to hit Rhino. Rhino managed to Gore Chelsea Green through a door, but Cardona scored with a low blow and a belt shot. Post-match, Cardona forced Emil Jay to announce him as the new ECW TV Champion, and then helped Chelsea to the back.
  • Intermission for the FITE TV audience saw a lot of promotion for The Wrld On GCW event at the Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23.
  • Tony Deppen def. Dark Sheik by submission with a chicken wing Cattle Mutilation variant in a good technical wrestling match.
  • Sabu was out next. Emil Jay welcomed him to GCW and explained what an inspiration he was to the entire GCW locker room. Sabu was about to speak when he was interrupted by Atticus Cogar. Cogar explained that he used to look up to Sabu, but now he’s going to have to take him out. Matthew Justice came from behind with a chairshot and tossed Cogar off the stage to the ring. With the addition of a thrown chair from Sabu to Cogar, the match was on.
  • Atticus Cogar def. Matthew Justice via rollup. The two had a hardcore brawl all around Harpos, with a variety of weapons, dives off the stage, and more. Gregory Iron and Bobby Beverly appeared on the stage threatening Sabu, which distracted Justice long enough for Cogar to score the schoolboy victory. Post-match, Justice put over Sabu as an inspiration to him and the locker room.
  • Emil Jay announced that GCW will return to Harpos in Detroit on Saturday, April 23.
  • Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) def. 2 Cold Scorpio & Ricky Morton by pinfall, when Effy pinned Morton following the Bussy Piledriver. Post-match, Effy got on the microphone and declared that he would not fight Jeff Jarrett, accusing the veteran of clout chasing by attacking him.
  • Alex Colon def. Hoodfoot by submission with a modified Camel Clutch to retain the GCW Ultraviolent Championship, following literally pouring salt in the wounds inflicted on Hoodfoot earlier in the match. Post-match, the crowd chanted for Hoodfoot.

GCW returns to Detroit on Saturday, April 23. The company will be in Chicago tomorrow night, January 15, for Say You Will, before their big event at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York on January 23.

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